We all want to get the most out of our vinyl and minimise waste, right? These may sound simple, but here’s our five super handy tips for keeping wasted material to a minimum!

  • Always do a test cut. There’s nothing worse than spending time perfecting your design, choosing your favourite material and taking a gamble, only to find that the cut settings aren’t correct and it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong! Use the “test” button on your cutter. If using Silhouette Studio, the test button is in the send tab. If this goes well, you’re good to go! Just remember to use the arrows on the control panel to set a new starting position.
  • Include extras for small parts. Ever lose a full stop, comma or dot for an i?  Instead of having to go back and cut more, make use of the spare space around your design to cut some extras just in case.
  • Use a weeding box. Draw a box around your design in Silhouette Studio. This way you’ve got a nice straight line which can help with positioning. It also keeps your material much tidier for when you use it next time!
  • Check your cut before unloading the mat. Try weeding a part of your design, such as the inside of an O. If it hasn’t cut all the way through, don’t unload your machine. Just change the settings and send it again because the blade will be in the exact same position as last time. 
  • Get creative with your scraps. Add small details to the sleeves on a T-shirt or make some multicoloured polka dots for a wine glass. Check out our magazine clipping tote bag we made with leftover HTV!

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful! If you have any of your own, please spread the word in the comments!

For more info on our commitment to saving the whales, check out our packaging policy.

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