What’s the best thing about Autumn? HALLOWEEN! And what’s the best thing about Halloween? PUMPKINS! But carving them? Not so much. We’ve used our Stencil Masking Film as an alternative way of decorating pumpkins that’s mess free and super child friendly as there’s no carving! YAY

Items needed:

Paint Masking Stencil Film
Vinyl Cutter
Weeding tool
Application tape
Marker pen

  • Measure your pumpkin and size your design on screen.
  • Cut your design on the stencil film, apply application tape firmly with a squeegee and weed.

Tip: If your design is intricate, it’s easier to apply application tape before weeding, then remove the backing and reverse weed. The stickiness of the application tape will hold down tiny parts so they don’t go missing! You can then put the backing paper back over your weeded design until you are ready to apply.

  • Place your design on your pumpkin, then secure in a line down and across the middle once you are happy with the placement.
  • Carefully tear away the application tape in quarters so you can apply each corner individually.

Tip: When applying on to curves, cut slits in the application paper between the letters, or cut small slits to overlap your design so it sits in the correct position.

  • Once your stencil is firmly secured, start colouring!
  • When the ink is dry, carefully peel away the film and we are finished!

This is Halloween, everybody SCREAM!

Posted by:craftstick

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