Ever feel like you need a glass or two of gin after trying to apply vinyl on to curved glass? Yeah, us too. But worry not! Follow our simple step by step guide for on-point positioning and no bubbles (unless you like your drink sparkling)

Items needed:

Self-Adhesive Vinyl: Andromeda (or whatever colour takes your fancy!)
Silhouette Cameo 4
Weeding Tool
Application Tape
Backing Slitter

  • Measure your glass and size your design.
  • Cut and weed your design in your chosen self-adhesive vinyl. We’ve gone for Andromeda, one of my favourites!
  • Apply application tape to your weeded design. The best way to do this is to lay it lightly over the design, and then squeegee from the centre out.
  • Trim around the edges to give yourself a straight line as a guide.
  • Using a backing slitter, cut a line down the centre of the backing paper, and fold the edges over slightly. We will start the application from here.
  • Place your design onto the glass, applying pressure from the inside of your design towards the outside. I found the easiest way was the lay the glass on a flat surface and use blue tac to hold it in place.

Tip: When applying on to curves, cut slits in the application paper between the letters to make them easier to position.

  • Carefully peel away the application tape and your gin glass is ready! Now it’s time to fill it up and enjoy some liquid sanity.
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