Save Vinyl
Save Time
Save Sanity!

When creating complex, multicoloured or symmetrical desgins, the above can seem like an impossible dream, right? But not anymore! This transfer tape hack means no measuring, no multiple pressing, no waste, and most importantly, no stress!
That’s right – it’s a game changer.

  • Print out a mirrored version of your design on paper.
  • Open your design in Silhouette Studio.
  • Group the same coloured parts of your design together to reduce waste, cut all your colours and weed away the excess. (Don’t forget to mirror!)
  • Stick your cut pieces of HTV on to the Transfer Tape with the shiny carrier side facing down, making sure nothing overlaps.
  • Now we can press! Lift the entire sheet and place on to your pre-pressed garment, sticky side down. Cover with a Tygaflor Sheet and press the whole lot at once, including the transfer tape.
  • Peel away the transfer tape and carrier. If needed, you can re-use the transfer tape if you’re adding any layered parts.

Your design is now perfectly placed! Happy days.

Posted by:craftstick

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