Fancy personalising garments with HTV but not sure where to start? Then this helpful how to guide is for you! Did you know you don’t have to own a heatpress or cutter to use our HTV?
All you need is a pair of scissors and an iron to get started! Here’s how:

Items needed:
Tygaflor Sheet
Any HTV of your choice!

Let’s begin with the basic makeup of HTV. You will notice that one side is shiny – this is what’s called the carrier. It’s job is to keep the HTV flat and allow for easy application. Once your design has been pressed, this clear top layer will be peeled away.
You will notice that the other side has a matt finish – this is the adhesive side. The adhesive is activated by heat, which is why it doesn’t feel sticky. This is the side you will be pressing down on to your garment.

Now let’s get started!

  • Draw your design faintly on the back of our HTV (matt side) using a sharp pencil and cut with scissors. You need to mirror your design when using HTV as it will show the opposite way round once it’s pressed on your garment!
  • When using an iron, set to the cotton setting and make sure you are pressing on a flat, sturdy surface such as a table with a towel on top for protection. An ironing board isn’t a good idea as it’s just too squidgy; you need to be able to apply a good amount of pressure here. Now you can pre-press your garment for a few seconds to remove any creases or moisture.
  • Place the first layer of your design on to your garment, carrier side (shiny side) facing up. If needed, you can use heat tape to keep your design in place. Use a tygaflor sheet on top of your garment to protect the vinyl from any direct heat.
  • Now it’s time to press! Apply firm, even pressure on to your design for the recommended time for your vinyl. This can be found in the HTV application guide. When using an iron, it’s a good idea to press for a few seconds longer. If your design is large, press individual areas and then iron over the whole design in circular motions, paying particular attention to the edges.
  • You will now need to peel away the top carrier layer. Depending on your vinyl, you may have to wait until it is cool or you may need to peel it while it is still warm. The application guide will tell you which you have.  
  • If you have layers to go on top, repeat the pressing steps until your design is complete. If you are unsure of which products you can layer on top of, you can find this in the guide too!
  • Once your design is finished, we recommend one final 5 second press once the carrier has been removed to make sure everything is spot on and looking fab!

Aaaand voila! It’s as simple as that!

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