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Tips for a good finish

When Paul’s trying to impart technical wisdom on me and I’m just like ooooh these colours 🌈 😂 creatives hey?! MEET PAUL 👨‍💻 Paul is technical wizard at CraftStick HQ and always happy to help! If there was an encyclopaedia on vinyl, Paul could write it! 😂🙌

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Save the Whales: The Adoption!

We’ve adopted a whale! Here at CraftStick, we want to help care for our planet as much as we can, and we know you do too. So everybody, meet Reflection, our newly adopted humpback whale and leading lady in aquatic relations! By adopting Reflection, we’re supporting Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the leading global charity in…

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Stencil Film: This Is Halloween In 6 Steps!

What’s the best thing about Autumn? HALLOWEEN! And what’s the best thing about Halloween? PUMPKINS! But carving them? Not so much. We’ve used our Stencil Masking Film as an alternative way of decorating pumpkins that’s mess free and super child friendly as there’s no carving! YAY Items needed: Paint Masking Stencil FilmVinyl CutterWeeding toolSqueegeeApplication tapeMarker…

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